A downloadable game for Windows


Done in under 72 hours as a Glitch Jam 1 project; the theme was "Hidden Forces".

We felt that metroidvania as a genre perfectly suits the theme as most metroidvanias are about finding some "forces"/abilities/power-ups hidden all over the game worlds to get somewhere you couldn't get to before. Of course, completing a real metroidvania in just 72 hours is impossible, so we've created just a portion of the world we envisioned - the first planet from the galaxy the game takes place in.

There's also a second theme-related element in the game's core gameplay: stealth. Our hero himself became a "hidden force" to be reckoned with.

Truno is a small thief with big ambitions in a huge world. And he doesn't want to slowly move up the normal career ladder - why bother when he could just steal all the ability-enhancing relics from the legendary thief, Phantomia? Onward, to her vault!


Left/Right arrows - Move

Space/Up arrow - Jump

Q - Emit a hypnotizing wave; enemies fall asleep on touch. Some enemies are immune!

W - Stealth. Enemies won't notice you while it's active. However, movement sensors aren't affected by your visibility.

E - Place a physical platform in front of yourself.

Enter - Selection in menus/finish reading dialogue pop-up

Escape - In-game pause

Install instructions

1. Download the archive.

2. Extract the game folder wherever.

3. Launch Thief's Treasure.exe.


Thief's Treasure.zip 32 MB


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Excellent platformer with amazing art, easy to use controls!
Excellent work!

Thank you for the kind words!


its really a great game. is offer such unique game to find every hidden carrot. i have no idead what im doing at first but realise something missing after i got the first 2 carrot. its my first gameplay so i hope it will help for the next update. i know its just a prototype but its really promising. hope you enjoy it and goodluck!

Thanks a lot! Your words are really inspiring and watching your playthrough is extremely helpful. :3 We'll be sure to keep you updated should we decide to continue working on the game.


hope theres more level, thank you. GOODLUCK!!!

Yeah, we're considering making a full game off of this base. Thank you! ^^