A downloadable game for Windows


A follow-up to our Ludum Dare 39 project.

Help lil’ DraBot dispose of his irritating archnemesis, Van HelBot! Naïve vambot hunter expects our hero’s batteries to run dry real soon, but he underestimates DraBot’s energy sucking abilities. Shall we see who ends up out of juice first?

Our first big project! Sadly we didn't have the time to work throughout the whole two months, there're still tons of ideas to implement and bugs to fix, but we hope you'll find what we have fun to play! Hopefully we'll be able to make a full game out of it and release on Steam eventually.


Left/Right arrows - Move

Space/Up arrow - Jump

Q - Zap everyone around yourself

W - Start draining the closest enemy's power, moving too far away interrupts the process

E - Dash in the direction you're facing, being invulnerable and damaging everyone in your way for the duration

Enter - Selection in menus

Escape - In-game pause


Drabot.zip 23 MB


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Good game. Drabot is very cute! A lot of beautiful art. Interesting mechanics. Recommended!

Thank you!


Oh man, did this kick my ass. Pretty solid prototype, but could use a bit of tweaking.


Wow, thanks a lot! Lots of insightful feedback, we liked the one about a phantom line before the lightning bolts especially. You're also right that this's just a base - we've got a lot of work ahead, but when we do finish it and release the game, we'll be glad to invite you to try it out! :3