A downloadable game for Windows


Done in under 72 hours as a Ludum Dare 39 project, the theme was "Running out of power".

Help lil’ DraBot dispose of his irritating archnemesis, Van HelBot! Naïve vambot hunter expects our hero’s batteries to run dry real soon, but he underestimates DraBot’s energy sucking abilities. Shall we see who ends up out of juice first?

Second level is still in development (no boss, so not included), third level is in “beta” (as in it’s less tested but completely playable all the way through).


Arrows - Movement

Space/Up arrow - Jump

Q/W/E/A/S/D/Z/X/C - Attack everyone around yourself and heal off the damage inflicted

Enter - Selection in menus

Escape - In-game pause

Install instructions

1. Download the archive.

2. Extract the game folder wherever.

3. Launch DraBot.exe.


DraBot.Win32.rar 15 MB

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